Monday, 2 April 2012

oh, hey...

Oh, hey, blog... you look kinda familiar... I know you from somewhere, right? Oh,
wait, you’re my blog? my sorely neglected blog. ah. Right. Sorry… *awkward
silence*… It’s just that, I’ve been busy and swamped… Doing what? Well, half
killing myself trying to finished my experiments for my thesis mostly… what’s
that?... Oh, no... No, I’m not done yet. Hopefully, I’ll be done with the experiments
by easter. (Or maybe just after)(never mind that I’ve been say ‘hopefully I’ll be
done with experiments <sometime in the next few weeks> since Christmas.
Stupid experiments. Stupid OCD and needing to have everything nicely wrapped
up)… yes, then I still have to write the actual thesis… Well, I’ve got the first
two chapters, kinda, more or less… I’ve kinda hit a brick wall with that, some
scientific writer’s block. I’m kind of a little bored with it, ok??... yes, I may have
been procrastinating a little bit… well, I’ve done a bit of traveling the last few
months... no, not that much, just more than you would expect of someone who’s
meant to be finishing a MSc… sure, I’ll show you some pictures sometime…

Hey, you know what? You’ve actually kinda been on my mind lately. Yup, just
the other day (last Friday, to be precise), it was a year since the medical aid freak out. I know, crazy, huh? A year since something snapped, a year since the
proverbial ball started rolling, in the direction on medical aid changes, insulin
pumping, CGMing, discovering the DOC, and even starting you blog, sorry
state that you’re in. I may have remained primarily a lurker in the DOC, but
nonetheless, much has changed, much has improved.. strange, huh?

Huh, a whole year...Only a year…

*awkward silence… groping for something to talk about...*


*grasp on small talk flails wildly, looking for a topic that won’t leave me rambling
to my blog for the next hour or so…*


*...and closes on--- nothing*

ok… well, I should get going, need to get back to what I was doing, and, uh,
stuff. But hey, we should stay in touch. Yeah, I’ll totally stop by for a longer chat
sometime. Soon, soon. And I’ll bring photo’s. I really do have lots of photos. Ok,
cool to see you again.

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