Monday, 11 July 2011

MIA and dreaming of the future

I’ve been rather MIA lately- not just from the internet and this blog but from a lot of real life too- a lot of the past month or so I’ve spent hermitizing  in my apartment, with my work and studies and thoughts and…work. The past two and a half weeks in particular, I feel like I’ve been a little ball of stress. Those few people I have been around in this time have had to put up with me being tired, grumpy, emotional, and sometimes all-out weepy (sorry guys). They’ve mostly been really helpful and supportive (thanks guys). And I think the rest of the time they’ve just stayed out of my way. 
It’s all work/studies related. I’m trying to do my Masters, it’s a research/ dissertation based degree. And I’m meant to be finishing at the end of this year. Except that, after over 12months of trouble-shooting, and with four months left to go, the research part isn’t really going all that well. So now’s the time to reassess all the work, and pick a direction to try and pull the little bits that have worked into something that could work as a MSc, and build on that. Hence the stress, and grumpyness, and absent-ness. I guess perhaps the final year of a Master’s isn’t the smartest time to start a blog. But I’ll do what I can with it all.

And not everything in the past month has been study related. At some stage I’ll blog about the following:

-I got to take a long weekend and go down to Durban to visit two of my favourite people. It was a desperately needed break in the middle of the stress, and included some great adventures. And I got to take some awesome photo’s, which I hope to post when I post that blog post.

- I had a once-in-a-life-time kind of opportunity to tag along with some doctors to a missions hospital in one of the more isolated areas of South Africa. a) a beautiful part of the country, b)super interesting to see how stuff works (and what doesn’t work) in places like that. More thoughts shall be shared when this post happens

- That insulin pump that I wrote about? The one I was meant to get about a month ago? It too has gone MIA- it’s apparently attached to someone in Botswana or Namibia or something. I can only assume it’s a long story. In the meantime I’d kinda given up on getting a pump before my waiting period on my medical aid ended- which is actually at the end of this month, woop woop! But then I got a call from the Roche rep last Thursday saying she’s managed to organize another pump for me, which is super cool of her. So im meant to be getting that in exactly a week. Really. I’ll try keep you, um, posted.

-when I’m stressed and bogged down with work my mind clings to a myriad other ideas and concepts and possibities, to try keep me from turning into a complete zombi. Currently I’m toying with ideas about photography, travels I want to take next year when my degree is done, world music influences, local political issues and graffiti, pacman- yes, the game, and dexter- yes, the series… No doubt some of these, and others, will work themselves into future posts.

I kinda miss people, and sleep, and being able to find outlets for my ideas and what ever else goes on in my head. For now I just have to put up with putting my head down and working my way through the rest of the year. I’ll be sociable when I can, I’ll write when I can. I’ll sleep...yeah, when I can. Somehow i need to squeeze some exercise routine back in there too. And everything else just has to be put on the shelf in the back of my head in anticipation of this magical time called “next year” when I can take it down and play with it. sigh.

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