Friday, 12 October 2012

I'm still here..

I'm still here. I'm around, I promise...
I finished my thesis/dissertation/monster... Submitted end of August.. Phew!
Since then, i took a too short but much needed holiday in durban, visiting two of my favourite peoples, my brother and TUE (I would insert some photos from the trip. Except this is unnecessarily complicated to do from my iPad, and I'm lazy. I admit it.), and have been oscillating between catching up on much needed sleep and frantically preparing for my oral exam/defense.. Which was potentially going to be this week. Seeing as I found out yesterday that its in the beginning of november I can breathe a bit, maybe write some blog posts (?) and keep studying, because i'm so not ready yet... But i'm nearly there. I'm nearly finished. this bumpy three-year ride is nearly over. The end is in sight.

This is a familar feeling for this time of year. We have the most beautiful weather, with spring rapidly merging into summer, jacaranda trees bursting purple blooms all over the place, jasmine bushes and syringa trees more subtly perfuming the evenings, and the most fantastic high-veld storms cooling the evenings and lighting up the sky. And the only thing getting in the way of you just sitting back and soaking in the beauty is the last stretch of school work, matric, or university exams. Strangely enough its actually enough to incite some melancholy, it brings back so many memories from childhood through to student days, plus the remembered sense that you just have to get through this last stretch, and then its full blown summer, december holidays, and everything that comes with it...

Today has been a stormy, gloomy, rainy day. I love such weather, its the perfect punctuation to our mostly bright and sunny heat. And with it all comes some of the familiar and not unwelcome melancholy as well. I've been looping the Jars or Clay Furthermore double album all day. This is some of my favourite music, heavy with emotions and memories for me- and perfect for this weather, and this time of year- there are just so many memories to link the two, good and bad.

So hopefully more posts will follow with some D-related stuff that needs to be written and told. For today, i leave you with a particulary beautiful live version of a track from the Furthermore album- enjoy :)

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