Monday, 23 May 2011

a minor rant

a rather full and busy weekend, including a fun run/walk, family birthday brunch, shopping, meals out, late nights, late night movies with popcorn et al, and some thesis proof-reading. and, in all that, relatively stable bg's- besides one nearly-low, and a random high of 13 (mmol) late last night. Cue today: maybe it was the unusually early start, maybe it was sleep yet-to-be-caught-up-on, the experiment planning, or the, um, way the wind wind was blowing? either way, three lows (two before lunch) and ensuing rebound highs, tell me that i've been riding the glucoaster. and i'd like to get off now please. unimpressed. i'm gonna blame it on monday and go get some sleep now.

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